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Pest control in Nottingham rat problem today: I’ve come to the rescue of a customer in Nottingham today because she has been troubled with rats. Pest control in Nottingham for rats is a common problem.

After removing the rat problem this chewed air brick will now get meshed over to prevent any further problems in the future.

Best 4 Pests pest control were called out because of noises in the loft. Before going out I explained that the pests would most likely be either mice, rats or squirrels and I would need to enter the loft to find the exact cause of the noises. I entered the loft and knew straight away that the problem was rats. When there is a large population of rats or they have been in a location for some time the smell is very distinct. Sure enough there were rat droppings all over, suggesting a large population over quite a long time. The rest of the property was checked for evidence of rats and activity was found behind the kick boards in the kitchen and behind the bath panel. My next job was to find just where the rats were entering from. So theĀ  drains were checked and then the outside of the property. The chewed air brick shown has very visible rat teeth marks where it has gained entry into the building. Once there, there is easy access up the walls and into the loft and a ready made bed in amongst all the loft insulation. Then I set traps for the rats.

After a further visit there were no more noises from the loft so the air vent was meshed. Traps were re-set and for my customers peace of mind and to be absolutely certain that there are no more rats I shall return in a few days time.

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