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Do you have a problem with pigeons? Pigeons are a serious pest in most towns and cities in the UK. Pigeons typically rest at the highest point of a building from where they can survey their surroundings for food. They will normally create a nest at a lower point on the building from twigs and debris. A build-up of fouling soon appears followed by the arrival of juveniles. Many homes and businesses have problems with pigeons and once a population becomes settled removing any birds is often only a temporary fix and proofing will offer a long term solution. We offer a pigeon removal service for domestic and commercial customers.

Why proof against birds?

Buildings are proofed against birds for many reasons, including:

  • Defacing / eroding the fabric of a building
  • Spread of disease
  • Slippery footpaths
  • Unsightly nesting material
  • Acid damage to cars
  • Unsightly smells


There are various humane methods to prevent birds accessing your premises including spikes, netting, post & wire systems and gels.

If you require assistance in controlling a bird problem or want to proof your premises against birds contact Best4Pests for professional bird control.

Pigeon Control Services
Pigeon Control Services

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Pigeon Control Services

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Pigeon Control Services

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Pigeon Control Services

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Pigeon Control Services

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Pigeon Control Services

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