Wasp Nest Removal Services

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For a wasp nest removal services at a fixed price. We deal with any problem wasp nests in your local area.

Wasp Nest Removal

Best4Pest are experts in wasp nest removal:

  • Guaranteed results. My wasp nest treatments are so successful that if I don’t destroy the nest on the first treatment I will come out again at absolutely no cost. Not even a callout charge!! I get called back on less than 1% of my treatments.
  • Fixed pricing with no hidden extras.
  • Emergency call out available.
  • Fully insured
  • No hidden charges for working at height, “special” powders, or treating hornets.

Here at Best4Pests we take wasps very seriously. The dangers involved must never be taken lightly. Wasps can be very dangerous when provoked and can defend their nest ferociously. Wasps, unlike bees, can sting repeatedly and in the worst cases can cause anaphylactic shock or even worse. As removing a wasp nest can be a tricky and dangerous process it is best left to a professional with the correct protective equipment and sprays to kill a nest off quickly and efficiently.

It is important to deal with a wasp nest as early as possible – wasp nests grow in both size and numbers through the season and wasps become increasingly aggressive in late summer.

Because many jobs I go to have more than one nest I have structured my pricing for wasp nest removal to give my customers the best possible value. To facilitate this I charge a callout fee from £30 and charge just £20 per nest. Unlike some pest controllers I do not believe in charging full price for each nest. Furthermore; for customers with large grounds or outbuildings I only charge £10 per nest after the first five nests.

In summary:

  • £30 callout (Up to £39.00 depending on location)
  • Just £20 per nest – many sites have more than one nest and some pest controllers will charge full price for each nest.
  • After 5 nests only £10 per nest
  • After 5pm or weekends +£5 callout

Bee Control

Bees are generally harmless and I will not treat for them unless they are a threat to safety.

Honey Bees can occasionally be removed by a beekeeper and re-located if there is good access to the nest.

If there is no alternative but to remove Honey Bees then great care must be made to prevent other colonies of bee raiding the honey within the nest and carrying the chemical treatment back to their own nest and wiping them out as well.

There is of course a chance they could be farmed bees and with it a risk of the treatment entering the food chain. As such the nest must be treated in the evening when other colonies are settling down for the night and will not raid the nest for the honey.
Then; the following morning the entrance to the nest must be blocked after the bees have been successfully treated and/or all the honey removed. This can result in quite a lot more work and either two or three visits. Pricing for a Honey Bee nest will have to reflect all the extra travel and time on site.

Wasp Nest Removal Services
Wasp Nest Removal Services

Friendly, Personal Service

Wasp Nest Removal Services

Quick Response

Wasp Nest Removal Services

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Wasp Nest Removal Services

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Wasp Nest Removal Services

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Wasp Nest Removal Services

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